Posted by: oldmacbloggit | September 11, 2012

Of Macs and Movies

After Mr Harley’s little burst of asperity yesterday in the face of Forrester’s curious contention that it’s better to rebuild a compromised Mac than use AV, a friend of mine pointed out that one of the biggest recent botnets was native to OS X, not Windows.

That fact hasn’t escaped Trend Micro’s Rik Ferguson, either, who recently turned up in the animation  video Mythbusting – Mac Security. As the summary says:

As the popularity of Mac OS has increased, so has its attractiveness to online criminals. This cartoon busts some of the myths that still prevail when it comes to Mac security. See if you can spot all the film/tv references.

Unfortunately, some of the comments suggest that the ‘If it isn’t a virus, it doesn’t count’ mindset is still alive and well and monitoring YouTube.

Excellent job, Rik: to the point, but great fun too. When can we expect to see you trying to educate Homer and Bart? Well, maybe that’s just too easy compared to trying to break down Mac Myopia. 😉

(I tried to persuade young Mr Harley to break into the movies but he just muttered something about stagefright and went back into hibernation.)

Old Mac “We will always have Cupertino” Bloggit

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