Mac Malware in Security Books

As I’m no longer regularly working in the security industry, this page is no longer being maintained. It’s left up here for historical reasons only.

David Harley, 15th April 2020

Added 20th February 2011 (reviewed elsewhere: I’ll put up a  link when available, but it was a positive review):

Professional Cocoa Application Security
Graham J. Lee, Wrox, 2010
ISBN 978-0-470-52595-1, £33.99

Peter Szor’s excellent “The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense” includes a little Mac virus information, as does Rob Slade’s out-of-print “Guide to Computer Viruses”. Roger Grimes’ “Malicious Mobile Code” makes only fleeting allusions, but it is sub-subtitled “Virus Protection for Windows”.

Viruses Revealed” by myself, Rob Slade and Urs Gattiker, includes quite a lot of Mac info, but it’s far from up-to-date. However, the rights to the book have reverted to the authors, and we’re considering an updated edition.

My chapter on viruses in “Maximum Security” includes some Mac virus info, as does Nicholas Raba’s Macintosh chapter. The 4th Edition of the “Computer Security Handbook” includes a handful of very generalized observations. The AVIEN Malware Defense Guide discussed elsewhere on Small Blue-Green World includes a little cross-platform information. “OS X Exploits & Defense“  has a couple of chapters by myself on Macs and malware (and anti-malware).

Mac Virus Administrator
Small Blue-Green World
AVIEN Chief Operations Officer

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