Posted by: David Harley | October 17, 2012

So what was the best Mac AV again?

It’s not often I get to talk about two of my main preoccupations – AV product testing and Macs, that is – in the same article, but in my latest article for Infosecurity Magazine I did exactly that. The article The Test of Time gives me the opportunity to talk a bit about a report by AV-Comparatives in which they compare the performance of a number of Mac products. While I’m not totally enthusiastic about this approach, it is a rare example of Mac product testing by an organization that has years of experience in AV-testing, and as such it’s a lot better than most magazine comparative tests. If you’re considering Mac protection – and you should be at least considering it – this isn’t a bad place to start, though I do have reservations about the methodology and the selection of products. (Sorry, Andreas and Peter!)

David Harley


  1. Agree – it would have been nice with Intego and perhaps ClamAV included in the test. But who knows, mayby they did not want to participate..?

    • Well, I don’t have much faith in ClamAV’s relevance in terms of Mac malware. I guess I should maybe come back to that topic. But you’re right, apparently the vendors I mentioned did decline to take part this time round.

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