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As I’m no longer regularly working in the security industry, this page is no longer being maintained. It’s left up here for historical reasons only.

David Harley, 15th April 2020

In order to make change tracking easier, I’ve broken this page into the sub-pages below.

Links (Updated 1st March 2011)

Papers (Updated December 2011)

Mac Malware in Security Books  (Updated 20th February 2011)

Mac Virus Administrator
Small Blue-Green World
AVIEN Chief Operations Officer


  1. 0s 10.6.8 screenlock bug? mouse and keyboard are locking, is there a known bug and remediation?

    • Hi, Janis. I’m not aware of a specific problem that corresponds to those symptoms, I’m afraid.

  2. So, can you recommend an AV solution for the new OS 10.9.1 please?

    • I haven’t done any public testing on AV products for quite a while. Since a large part of my income derives from a security vendor with a Mac product, I wouldn’t be comfortable publishing anything like that at present.

  3. Thats fine thank you for your candour. I’m going to try Avast and see what its like.

    • You could certainly do worse. Sophos has a good free product, too, if free is the issue. 🙂

  4. Free isn’t the issue, I just don’t want to pay out until I know what is reliable and what is not so.

    • In that case, I’d look for evaluation copies of suites rather than free AV, personally.

  5. My Iphone 6 has been cloned any help?

    • Outside my remit, I’m afraid. You might do better with a user/help forum like MacRumors or iPhoneForum.

  6. came home to find a guest user on my Mac Book Pro…what could have happened

    • Have you just enabled Find My Mac?

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