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Mac Malware in Security Books  (Updated 20th February 2011)

Mac Virus Administrator
Small Blue-Green World
AVIEN Chief Operations Officer


  1. 0s 10.6.8 screenlock bug? mouse and keyboard are locking, is there a known bug and remediation?

    • Hi, Janis. I’m not aware of a specific problem that corresponds to those symptoms, I’m afraid.

  2. So, can you recommend an AV solution for the new OS 10.9.1 please?

    • I haven’t done any public testing on AV products for quite a while. Since a large part of my income derives from a security vendor with a Mac product, I wouldn’t be comfortable publishing anything like that at present.

  3. Thats fine thank you for your candour. I’m going to try Avast and see what its like.

    • You could certainly do worse. Sophos has a good free product, too, if free is the issue. 🙂

  4. Free isn’t the issue, I just don’t want to pay out until I know what is reliable and what is not so.

    • In that case, I’d look for evaluation copies of suites rather than free AV, personally.

  5. My Iphone 6 has been cloned any help?

    • Outside my remit, I’m afraid. You might do better with a user/help forum like MacRumors or iPhoneForum.

  6. came home to find a guest user on my Mac Book Pro…what could have happened

    • Have you just enabled Find My Mac?

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