Posted by: David Harley | April 6, 2012

Parting shot: mac zealotry blowback

At last, some Mac zealotry blowback. After decades of receiving “la-la-la-la-not-listening” abuse when it reports Mac malware, however objectively, the AV industry now turns out to be at fault for the media’s under-reporting and under-hyping. Of course.

I have a certain amount of respect for John Gruber’s writing, even though I don’t always agree with him. But giving houseroom to idiotic and ill-informed fanboi-in-denial-turned-AV-critc comments like Paul Hoffman’s does him no favours.

Mr Gruber, Mr Hoffman, if you want to know what’s happening in the world of Mac security, maybe you should follow some of the bloggers that write about it. If you work back through some of the blogs here, you might find some more factual and objective links.

Well, if anyone really joins the AV industry for the money and the celebrity status, they’re likely to have been very disappointed…

David Harley

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