Posted by: David Harley | April 6, 2012

More about the Flashback botnet

I can’t help but notice that there are many more people than usual hitting this blog, this week, nearly all looking at articles related to Flashback and the Java updates. (For those looking at the malware descriptions page, I’m afraid it’s going to be a week or two before I can make any additions there, much as I’d like to.)

I’m travelling today and won’t have much opportunity to update Mac Virus in the next week or so, but here are a few more items you might find useful.

Some good stuff from Intego:

Good status summary from Sawaba: Over half a million Macs infected? 

Boris Sharov (of DrWeb, the company sinkholing one of the botnet’s domains to get its statistics), reports that there are 641684 bots registered so far, but he doesn’t expect the total to reach 700,000. Hat tip also to @Mikko for keeping the Twitterverse (including me) up-to-date with developments. By country:

  • USA – 352341, 55.0%
  • Canada – 123033, 19.2%
  • UK – 84013, 13.1%
  • Australia – 48298 – 7.5%
  • France – 4002, 0.6%
  • Germany 2624, 0.4%
  • “For Mikko: Finland – 294, nearly 0% :)”

Thanks, Boris. Great job! (As I type, he’s adding more statistics, but I have to go and do something else: follow him on Twitter if you want to know more!)

And my colleague at ESET Stephen Cobb weighs in with some remediation info in Mac Flashback Trojan: If you use Java the time to patch your Mac is now.

Small Blue-Green World/Mac Virus/AVIEN

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