Posted by: David Harley | November 12, 2015

Security: Android versus iOS

Well, I have no wish to get in between two groups of fanbois, so I’m going to keep my opinions to myself on this occasion as to which platform is most secure. However, Graham Cluley writes for Tripwire about a new study in which Checkmarx and AppSec Labs looked at application security on both platforms, and concluded that a depressingly high proportion of the apps tested had vulnerabilities categorized as ‘critical’ or ‘high severity’. Specifically, 40% of the iOS apps and 36% of the Android apps.

I haven’t looked at the actual study – it requires registration, and I’m picky about the sites I jump through registration hoops to access – but on the basis of those figures, I can’t argue with Graham’s conclusion that ‘…smartphone developers need to raise their game, and write code which respects users’ security and privacy. Apps need to be tested more thoroughly to confirm that they do not have flaws, rather than rushed out of the door.’

David Harley

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