Posted by: David Harley | November 19, 2011

What Jobs Really Did

[Amendation: Hat tip to Ed Bott for pointing out that the use of the word “tweaker”, a term also applied to meth users, has a certain comic effect, but I still like Gruber’s critique.] 

I admit it: this post has nothing (directly) to do with security, but I just came across a Daring Fireball post by John Gruber that was so good, I felt I had to share it.

In summary, Gruber critiques a New Yorker article that suggests:

In the eulogies that followed Jobs’s death, last month, he was repeatedly referred to as a large-scale visionary and inventor. But Isaacson’s biography suggests that he was much more of a tweaker.

Gruber’s contrarian analysis doesn’t say everything about the creative process, visionaries, innovation and genius (that might take a while…) but it makes more sense to me than Gladwell’s, and it does say some things about Jobs, Gates and the IT industry that made me think:

Yes! That’s pretty much how it is!

I often disagree with Gruber, but it’s for insights like this that I continue to read his blog.

Small Blue-Green World/AVIEN/Mac Virus 

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