Posted by: David Harley | August 31, 2018

Mobile misery: Android, iOS data leakage

Nightwatch Security: Sensitive Data Exposure via WiFi Broadcasts in Android OS [CVE-2018-9489] – “System broadcasts by Android OS expose information about … WiFi network name, BSSID, local IP addresses, DNS server information and the MAC address.”

Commentary by TechRepublic: Android ‘API breaking’ vulnerability leaks device data, allows user tracking 

Sophos: Hacked stalking app reveals victims’ photos, texts and location info – “TheTruthSpy sells an iOS and Android app that enables someone to spy on someone else’s phone. The software is not available on official app stores and has to be installed on a jailbroken iPhone or via an alternative source on an Android phone.”

Ionut Ilascu for Bleeping Computer: Unsophisticated Android Spyware Monitors Device Sensors – “Tagged BusyGasper by security experts at Kaspersky, the malware stands out through its ability to monitor the various sensors present on the targeted phone. … Kaspersky’s Alexey Firsh writes in the analysis.”

David Harley

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