Posted by: David Harley | May 26, 2018

Mac and Android updates 26th May 2018

(1) Further to this story – Mac Cryptomining – Commentary from Pierluigi Paganini: Many users reported in the past few weeks their Macs have been infected with a new Monero Miner

(2) The Register: Apple will start coughing up government app takedown demand stats – “But applications the iGiant removes on its own won’t be included”

(3) Sophos: Google in court over ‘clandestine tracking’ of 4.4m iPhone users, plus TeenSafe phone monitoring app leaks teens’ iCloud logins in plaintext

(4) Appknox: Appknox M-Commerce Security Report Finds High Level Vulnerabilities in 84% Apps. Commentary from Help Net: High-level vulnerabilities discovered in 84% of Android shopping apps

David Harley

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