Posted by: David Harley | December 20, 2017

OSX.Pirrit: Not a pretty boy, but very interested in pieces of eight

Hacker Combat brought my attention to Cybereason’s research into the OSX.Pirrit adware: MacOS Malware That Steals Bank Account Logins and Intellectual Property.

According to Cybereason’s Amit Serper, the company’s research has attracted

‘cease and desist letters from a firm claiming to be TargetingEdge’s legal counsel. The letters demand that we stop referring to TargetingEdge’s software as malware and refrain from publishing this report….

…Cybereason isn’t the only security company that identifies OSX.Pirrit as a threat. Twenty-eight other antivirus engines on Virus Total also classify it as such.’

Certainly OSX/Pirrit is a widely-known adware family found across a range of platforms.

David Harley

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