Posted by: David Harley | January 19, 2017

Fruitfly/Quimitchin malware

For Malwarebytes, Thomas Reed reports on this New Mac backdoor using antiquated code. Kevin Townsend commented at some length for SecurityWeek – New “Quimitchin” Mac Malware Emerges Targeting Scientific Research – and quotes me. Commentary by Zeljka Zorz for Help Net Security: Fruitfly: Unusual Mac backdoor used for tightly targeted attacks?

Since Kevin actually cited this site’s tag line – ‘The official Mac Virus blogsite’ – perhaps I should explain what is meant by ‘official’ in this case, by quoting our About page.

Mac Virus is an anti-malware information page created by Susan Lesch in the 1990s, and inherited by David Harley when Susan couldn’t find time to update it any more. He  wasn’t updating it much either, but as Mac malware looked like becoming a larger part of his life, this started to change drastically in 2010. However, it’s become much less of a priority in recent years.

Why ‘The Official Mac Virus blogsite’? Well, we don’t claim any particular authority to comment on OS X/iOS/Android security apart from David’s 30-odd years in the security industry: that tagline was introduced simply to differentiate the site from several wannabe sites that started to call themselves Mac Virus. It’s ‘official’ only in that Susan asked David to continue to support the site in some form when she no longer had time to, rather than let it be co-opted by anyone who had no connection to the original site.

It’s not ‘official’ in the sense of representing malware writers, the anti-malware industry, the security product testing industry, Apple, Android, Microsoft or anyone else. It’s just a platform where I pass on and comment on news and issues relating to security – especially Mac and smartphone/tablet security – that I find interesting. Furthermore, because I’m semi-retired, I give it a lot less attention than I used to. Apologies if anyone is expecting more than that.

David Harley

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