Posted by: David Harley | March 29, 2016

FBI: Apple, you’re Dismissed…

In case you hadn’t noticed, the FBI claims it has now accessed encrypted data on the San Bernardino phone, and has apparently asked for the order forcing Apple to cooperate to be vacated. Commentary:

  • Threatpost: FBI BREAKS INTO TERRORIST’S ENCRYPTED IPHONE – Michael Mimoso makes the point that despite the FBI’s claims, ‘Apple was not the only entity that could break the phone and that forcing it to intentionally weaken the cryptography protecting its products put all of its users at risk.’
  • Graham Cluley: The FBI has hacked into the San Bernardino iPhone – John McAfee not required. Like Mimoso, he wonders whether the Israeli company Cellebrite is the third party that apparently provided the FBI with a solution, while assuming that it wasn’t the notorious Mr McAfee. He also wonders whether the FBI will share with Apple the means used to gain access – he suspects not, and he’s probably right. 
  • Jonathan Zdziarski et al suggest a face-saving exercise of some sort.
  • John Gruber offers a link to the request to evacuate – sorry, vacate – and observes that ‘A battle is over, but the war has only just begun.’ I’m afraid he’s right.

David Harley

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