Posted by: David Harley | March 21, 2016

Update, Unkind, Unkindle

It’s not often the Kindle finds its way onto this site, and in fact I wouldn’t have noticed this issue if I hadn’t happened upon Richi Jenning’s post for Computer World warning us that there is an Amazon warning: Got a pre-2013 Kindle? You must update, or else!

I really hope that John Fingas is correct in saying that I can update manually via USB, since my own Kindle is about five hours drive away at the moment and I certainly won’t be able to update it before the 22nd March. It would have been nice to have received email about this…

Something else to watch out for: when I used Kindle PC for the first time in a while, it advised me that it was due to expire soon and that I should update it soon. I don’t know if it’s a related issue: Kindle Mac isn’t giving me any warnings.

I never have these hassles with the public library…

David Harley


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