Posted by: David Harley | March 21, 2016

Doctors, Smartphones and Security

An  article by Richard Chirgwin for The Register: Smartphones help medicos, but security is a problem – It’s great that doctors can email pictures of you to experts, but not when they use default apps

It’s based on a paper by Dr Paul Stevenson et al on Teledermatology and clinical photography: safeguarding patient privacy and mitigating medico-legal risk published by the Medical Journal of Australia.

Chirgwin sensibly wonders ‘if it wouldn’t be better for the profession to fund what would surely be a relatively manageable cost to develop a suitable application, so doctors don’t have to try and learn about security.’ Fair point, but doctors are supposed to be aware of issues concerning ethics and patient privacy, and most of us could do with knowing more about security.

David Harley

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