Posted by: David Harley | March 15, 2016

Hackers assume the Lotus position

I’m fascinated by the news from Endgame via Threatpost that OS X users are being targeted by typosquatters contorting themselves into the lotus position and intoning OM. OK, I made some of that up. What they’re actually doing is picking up domains with the Omani .om suffix, apparently in the hope of catching Mac users who can’t manage to type .com. When they land on sites resembling sites belonging to prominent US companies (but which have a .om suffix instead of a .com suffix), they are plagued with ‘a fake Adobe Flash update [that] pops up and attempts to trick users to install the advertising component called Genieo.’


Hat tip to Randy Knobloch for reminding me to look at the story.

David Harley

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