Posted by: David Harley | March 2, 2016

HackingTeam part 2

Here’s a little more commentary by Graham Cluley for the Intego blog on the HackingTeam (or maybe not) resurgent malware.

Hacked Spyware Company Seems to Have Released More Mac Malware

He points out an observation from Mac Observer:

Odds are your Mac hasn’t been hit with this new—and mostly meh—malware, but if you want to double check, look in ~/Library/Preferences/8pHbqThW/ for the file Bs-V7qIU.cYL.

I haven’t checked that, and it’s always possible that the filename will change in due course. Fortunately, mainstream malware detection doesn’t usually depend on file-names. 🙂

David Harley

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