Posted by: David Harley | February 29, 2016

More commentary on the FBI issue

One more article that attempts to clarify the technical issues around the argument between Apple and the FBI by Peter Bright for Ars Technica:

Encryption isn’t at stake, the FBI knows Apple already has the desired key – The FBI knows it can’t bypass the encryption; it just wants to try more than 10 PINs.

Rebecca Mercuri describes this in a recent Risks Digest as the Best Explanation for the Apple FBI Hack I’ve Seen and What It Means but her own commentary is well worth reading, not least on the question as to why the FBI isn’t already making use of other approaches such as the use of Cellebrite. (I’ve seen this question asked before, and I understand why it isn’t an instant fix to the FBI’s problem, but nor is a war of words and writs with Apple that may eventually result in another non-instant fix.)

Mercuri observes:

So the FBI v. Apple lawsuit just doesn’t make any sense, unless there’s
something I’m missing in my analysis or information we just haven’t received
yet about this situation.

Well, I’m sure that there’s a conspiracy theory that might cover that, but that would be a different kind of article, and I’m not going there.

David Harley

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