Posted by: David Harley | February 20, 2016

San Bernardino – further reading

Here’s a good article for Wired by Kim Zetter that clarifies some of the issues around Apple’s disagreement with the FBI.

Apple’s FBI Battle Is Complicated. Here’s What’s Really Going On

For Tech Crunch, Matthew Panzarino explains that No, Apple Has Not Unlocked 70 iPhones For Law Enforcement, an issue that relates to Zetter’s article and is in response to claims like this.

In its filing of a motion to compel Apple to assist, the Department of Justice suggests that:

Apple has attempted to design and market its products to allow technology, rather than the law, to control access to data which has been found by this Court to be warranted for an important investigation. 

It’s well worth reading the whole of the filing to see the arguments from the government’s side.

Zack Whittaker offers another explanatory article for ZDnet – Apple vs. FBI: Here’s everything you need to know (FAQ): A polarizing question: Should Apple help the FBI unlock a terrorist’s phone? – and points out that:

The UK has a draft surveillance bill in its parliament, which if it passes, could demand the same “secret backdoors” that the FBI sought. (Vice’s Motherboard has more on this.)

I’m so glad that I live in the free world. 😉

David Harley

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