Posted by: David Harley | July 1, 2015

A word of caution

I’ve been asked (again) about MacKeeper. The name has come up several times in comments directed towards Mac security sites like this one, Mac-related user forums and on various specialized lists, in the context of dubious malware alert pop-ups and aggressive marketing. I’ve never used or tested the product myself(and don’t intend to – as long as I’m getting a sizeable proportion of my income from a security product, I prefer not to return to formally testing other security products), I haven’t seen any of the behaviour of which the product is accused at first hand, and I obviously can’t in normal circumstances confirm the veracity or otherwise of accusations made in blog comments. However, a recent Graham Cluley article about a specific zero-day issue (reportedly now fixed) with MacKeeper actually points to a number of less-than-flattering articles about the product.

Worth taking a look first if you’re thinking about buying it. In particular, you might want to read the Cult of Mac article from 2012: it includes a statement from MacKeeper’s PR Director, offering some explanations for its bad reputation.

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