Posted by: David Harley | April 9, 2015

Apple Fixes and Updates

Also worth reading: Paul Ducklin of Sophos talks on ‘Naked Security’ about how Apple fixes loads of security holes in OS X, iOS, Apple TV, Safari.

  • Yosemite update
  • Mavericks security update
  • Mountain Lion security update
  • iOS 8.3 (fixes two Lock Screen bugs)
  • Apple TV 7.2
  • Safari updates

And a terse summary of the new Photos app.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


  1. I am running OSX 1O.7.5 on my mac. I sent a pdf with a story to a friend. He said it arrived as a jumble of strange letters, just like an Email he had received from someone inSwitzerland. I decided to send it again,and found that every file with that title had been turned into a very long file of unreadble junk with the exception of a word, I believe it was Apple at the beginning, and a few numbers, then the garbage began.Fortunately I had saved the text on a stick. I examined all my files and discovered no obvious damage, but I saved them elsewhere just in case.
    My friend uses a PC. is it possible that it is infected, and corrupted my files while the pdf was being sent? I put the junk in trash, but I am not sure if it is safe there. Would it be safe to copy a a part of the junk from trash and send it to someone who could evaluate it? Thanks

    • I can’t say exactly what the problem is, I’m afraid, and I can’t confirm that it’s the result of malware on either system. It’s actually more likely to be some sort of software problem, but I can’t tell you exactly what. If you have someone in mind who can evaluate it they’ll probably get more from the whole file rather than a random section, but you might do better to have a data recovery specialist look at it, if you’re sure you want to go to the trouble and expense.

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