Posted by: David Harley | January 19, 2015

Siri Steganography

Sadly, I’ve already used the title Siri, are you a blabbermouth? and in any case it’s not quite as appropriate in this case. I was just reminded of it by the title of the Register article by Richard Chirgwin: Siri? Are you seeing another man? The sub-title – Steganographic man-in-the-middle diddle can force Apple’s digital assistant to spill secrets – overstates the issue a bit, though. (But I guess that’s what sub-editors do…)

It’s a proof of concept rather than a practical attack as described here – and there’s still plenty of mileage in visually-borne stenography if that’s a concern to you – but it’s kind of interesting anyway. I just hope Siri isn’t learning bad habits from Cortana (or vice versa).

David Harley

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