Posted by: David Harley | October 26, 2014

Digital Guardian – flattery will get you – er, not much…

This blog was flattered to find itself in good company on the Digital Guardian site as one of the top 50 sites you ought to be reading, but rather puzzled as to why, since the information it cited was a little off-beam (no-one else is writing for this blog these days, for example) and the ‘three articles we like’ it cited were pretty much pointers to articles by other people on other sites. (I’m afraid this happens more and more frequently nowadays, as my working hours decrease and my workload continues to increase, so I have to prioritize other outlets.) Perhaps Digital Guardian actually got around to reading the articles, since it seems that Mac Virus has been removed from the list. Oh, the humiliation! ūüėČ

I do get a namecheck, however, as a contributor to Kevin Townsend‚Äôs IT Security¬†(which seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention in a short time), and there’s even a link to one of my of my more serious articles:¬†The economics of benevolence: mean memes.

NB I know nothing about Digital Guardian’s product range, so mentioning the site¬†doesn’t constitute a recommendation on my part – in fact, that’s why I didn’t mention it while¬†Mac Virus was cited. But some of the blogs mentioned in the article¬†are well worth reading.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


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