Posted by: David Harley | February 26, 2014

Fireeye’s PoC monitoring app on iOS

Apple is not having an altogether fun time at the moment, with the ‘goto fail‘ still ringing in its ears. Meanwhile, FireEye reports that it’s been able to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) app that can record touch/press events on an iGadget running iOS 7 and send those data to a remote server. It doesn’t have to be a jailbroken device, either, apparently. The blog article does describe a workaround, though.

Background Monitoring on Non-Jailbroken iOS 7 Devices — and a Mitigation

HT to Aryeh Goretsky for drawing my attention to a Neowin article that comments on the FireEye article.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World

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