Posted by: David Harley | November 4, 2013

iPads, Furbies, and spyware

The Mail Online tells us that David Cameron’s ministers have been banned from taking iPads into Cabinet meetings because

China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan could have developed viruses that would allow iPads and mobile phones to be used as bugs, even when they are switched off.

No concerns about the NSA or our very own GCHQ, then. Harold Wilson might have thought differently about that, but it’s too late to ask him.

Well, iPads are assembled in China. Come to think of it, an awful lot of things are assembled in China. But I guess that no-one told them that iOS is, while not totally invulnerable, rather noted for the absence of viruses that target iOS devices.

It’s not known if Furbies are banned from Cabinet meetings, but given what we now know about the NSA, I guess we should have suspected something when the NSA itself banned Furbies.

David Harley

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