Posted by: David Harley | July 16, 2013

The Looking Glass (Mal)War(e)*

I’ve already added a reference to The Safe Mac’s additional commentary on the Janicab back-to-front malware (Malice through the looking glass*: back to front malware), but there are some interesting further thoughts from The Register – Malware-flingers do it back-to-front : scaM snaps, spans Macs. Loving the palindrome…

John Leyden’s article makes one point that hadn’t occurred to me:

None of the antivirus experts have stuck their necks out on this point, but the amount of care taken to put together the malware smack of some sort of cyber-espionage campaign rather than common or garden cybercrime.

I certainly wouldn’t reject that possibility out of hand, given Janicab’s payload. John’s article also directed my attention to Graham Cluley’s blog: if you don’t quite understand the back-to-front technicality of the RLO character (known to its friends as U+220E), Graham describes it very clearly indeed, but also includes an entirely apposite XKCD cartoon.


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