Posted by: David Harley | February 26, 2013

A further iOS lockscreen issue? [Update]

[Updated 27th February]

May be related to the earlier vulnerability, for which a fix still has to be released. Flagged by Devindra Hardawar for VentureBeat and described by Benjamin Kunz Mejri in a posting to Full Disclosure. Hat tip to Randy Knobloch (yet again!) for the link.

Further commentary by Sophos: Second iPhone passcode hack vulnerability discovered

While, with impeccable timing, the US Department of Defense has announced that “Classified voice and data communications up to classification level of top secret” will be opened up to iPhones and Android handsets. Previously, it has only used Blackberries. However: the DoD is not rushing into a BYOD culture just yet: these are handsets the DoD itself will be buying and providing to its staff. Comment from The Register: iPhones, ‘droids go to WAR: US soldiers invade TOP-SECRET cloud. The DoD’s own statement is here.

Mac Virus (etc.)
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