Posted by: David Harley | February 13, 2013

A Rumour to Watch…


Richi Jennings has gathered some commentary on Is the iPhone Mini (or Air) actually a watch (or iWatch)? complete with Dick Tracey graphic. I was originally going to add an apology about the lack of security content, but the asktog blog does kick around some ideas regarding potential for 2-factor authentication, though I have some concerns about physical security.

I’m not getting into those particular areas of speculation for the moment, but Apple does seem to have a lot of sensor-centric research, a patent that suggests incorporation of fingerprint scanning into iOS, and ownership of Authentec.

I did have a watch back in the Dark Ages that connected to a PC with a serial cable and some file transfer software. It gave me some geek cred but was really too clunky (the software as well as the watch) to be useful for anything apart from telling the time.

I predict some interesting developments, but no details or time-frames. I’m not into crystal balls. And I’m not likely to buy a smart watch any time soon. But then, I’m a professional dinosaur.

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