Posted by: David Harley | January 13, 2013

Turn off that Java Lamp

While doing some tidying in my office over the weekend (oh, the lengths I’ll go to in order to avoid real work!) I found a little note I must have written myself on a plane journey recently:

I’ve been doing this stuff way too long. I read the summary for ‘Wrath of the Titans’ as including the phrase ‘monsters – huge, hideous creations that fly, breathe fire and hurl Java.’

With the latest Java scare, that little witticism seems more apposite than ever, as the security community reminds us that it’s a good idea to disable Java if we don’t need it. In a useful summary of ‘What You Need to Know About the Java Exploit‘, Brian Krebs includes a to-the-point note for Mac users, linking to Oracle’s ‘advice on how to unplug Java from Safari’ and Apple’s ‘steps to block Java from running on OS X systems.’ And for Sophos, Chester Wisniewski flags advice from Apple and Mozilla – ‘Just say no to Java’, while articles by Paul Ducklin and Chet  – while not primarily Apple-related – may be of interest if you read Intego’s blog piece on The Latest in Jailbreaking: Will Malware Follow?

Small Blue-Green World/Mac Virus
ESET Senior Research Fellow

*I didn’t actually watch that in-flight film, but I’m fairly sure it actually read ‘hurl lava…’

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