Posted by: oldmacbloggit | December 20, 2012

Mac malware: targeted and untargeted

This item actually goes back to the 16th November, but I’ve only just had it brought to my attention (actually by a LinkedIn update): Intego’s Lysa Myers makes some interesting points about the financial implications of Mac security, especially with reference to targeted attacks, in an article for SC Computing: What’s the security cost of Macs in your organisation?

In particular, she comments:

Macs become a low-cost point of entry for intruders wanting to breach an organisation. Since many of the most popular Apple products are mobile (laptops, phones and tablets), they carry special risks because they’re so easily lost or stolen.

Unfortunately, targeted attacks are an  area in which anti-virus tends to be weak (apologies to Mr. Harley, still working in that industry, but I suspect he’d agree with me anyway). Fortunately for AV companies mass-infecting botnets are not dead yet, even on OS X (to cite another SC Magazine article).

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