Posted by: David Harley | December 10, 2012

Apple Maps: (near) fatal errors

Richi Jennings notes that Australian police have warned about a spate of people getting lost in remote areas – specifically the Murray Sunset National Park near  – because they relied on Apple Maps to get them to their destination, and does his usual excellent job of gathering information and commentary from other bloggers.

Some of the comments to that blog seem nostalgic about Google Maps, which iOS doesn’t support: well, I haven’t heard of any deaths or near-deaths caused by that service, but I have to say that I’ve noticed some rather strange anomalies with it, certainly in some of the remoter parts of the US. In fact, I remember it being way off kilter when staying in San Simeon on one (very rainy) occasion, and I wouldn’t call that the back of beyond.

Still, certainly doesn’t sound as if relying on your iGadget for directions in the Outback is a good idea.


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