Posted by: David Harley | September 9, 2012

i(Pad) Spy for the FBI*

Confused about the story of how AntiSec got hold of all those unique identifiers for various iGadgets?

AntiSec claimed they were stolen from an FBI agent’s laptop; the FBI claimed they weren’t; Apple claimed that they’d never supplied any such information to the FBI anyway.

ESET’s Stephen Cobb is also confused, not least about how data relating to his wife’s iPhone and iPad are included in the released spreadsheet, but provides some reassuring commentary and also highlights a site that will allow you to determine whether your iGadget’s vital statistics are included in that spreadsheet. (I haven’t checked it yet myself, but I certainly intend to.)

David Harley

* Sly reference to a 1967 hit by Jamo Thomas.

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