Posted by: David Harley | August 24, 2012

Netweird not weird enough to turn a profit

The inestimable Paul Ducklin, pausing only to take a verbal sideswipe at the hordes of Mac zealots who come out in a rash of denial every time the AV industry flags a specimen of Mac-related malware, tells us about the curious Netweird malware, a malicious program he describes as “interesting primarily because it is uninteresting.” Lysa Myers has also put up some analysis of the same malware for Intego.

Clearly, neither company is hugely impressed with the sophistication of the malware, though Intego, unlike Sophos, believes it to be in the wild, and draws an interesting comparison between OSX/Crisis and OSX/NetWeirdRC (Sophos calls it OSX/NetWrdRC-A), both of which have one particularly interesting characteristic. They are attempts to monetize malware on the Mac in rather a similar way to that in which so much malware for Windows turns a dishonest penny (as described by ESET’s Stephen Cobb).

Lysa comments:

Perhaps the pricetag tells us all we need to know: OSX/Crisis sells for €200,000, and OSX/NetWeirdRC starts at $60.

Cheap at half the price. A quarter of the price? A quarter? A dime? Wait! Come back! What if I throw in a couple of Android Trojans?

David Harley

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