Posted by: David Harley | April 16, 2012

Some more general Apple security links

[Update: a couple of interesting articles from the estimable Roger Grimes: Did the Mac malware wake-up call fall on deaf ears? and the earlier Malware wake-up call for Mac users.]

Anyone still clinging to the fallacy that Macs are invincible probably won’t be convinced otherwise by Eugene Kaspersky’s excellent article Apple – Listen to Us, Before It’s Too Late!, but it’s good reading anyway.

Over at Sophos, Lisa Vaas notes that “Apple is prompting some of its iTunes/App Store/iOS customers to set up three new security questions and an alternate email, in an attempt to smother a growing wave of phishing and fraud” while pointing out that the way in which Apple reached out to its customers led to a certain amount of “is this genuine or phishing?” confusion.

Tony Bradley explores the contention that the recent Flashback/Flashfake epidemic is bigger than Conficker. Did I say epidemic: apparently  even John Gruber has softened enough to admit that epidemic is the right word, and even recommend an article by Rich Mogull that quotes AV guru Mikko Hypponen without gratuitous AV-bashing (actually, it’s a good article).

I agree that there’s no cause for panic, but when people who’ve been pretty hostile to the AV industry from time to time are now biting their tongues, I have to wonder whether perhaps the sky is falling.

But no doubt there’ll be a fanboi attack any second now to restore my faith in human nature.


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