Posted by: David Harley | March 14, 2012

Apple, Malware, and AV

I’ve just realized with some embarrassment that I haven’t posted here for exactly a month. It’s not that nothing has been happening in the Mac security world, but for a good few of those days I was travelling, which rather restricted my capacity for commenting publicly in an independent capacity. Still, there have been a couple of items worth noting.

I was quoted – along with several other people, some of them even more famous than myself 😉 – in an article for Infosecurity Magazine by Esther Shein on Welcoming Apple to the Malware Party. You may have to register to read the article, but if you find this blog useful, you’ll probably find it worth reading.

And somewhat recursively, I flagged that same article in an article of my own for Infosecurity Magazine (so if you’ve already read this, you can skip the first two sentences…), but expanded on the issue of how necessary it is or isn’t to use Mac AV in Security Professionals Do Use AV: Even On Macs… 

There’s also an interesting event organized by my good friends over at Virus Bulletin at the Open University on April 19th: another seminar on ‘Securing Your Organization in the Age of Cybercrime’ . From the agenda, it’s a typically interesting spread of topics and speakers, but from the point of view of this blog, you might find Paul Baccas’ presentation on Is the Apple walled garden enough to protect you?particularly interesting. Paul is extremely knowledgeable on Mac security matters: in fact, he took over the editorializing on the Elsevier/Syngress book ‘OS X Exploits and Defense’ ,  though some sites confusingly list me as editor (I did much of the planning and contributed a couple of chapters, but Paul did all the later work. So I expect it to be a characteristically sharp presentation.

Small Blue-Green World/AVIEN/Mac Virus

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