Posted by: David Harley | November 14, 2011

That iOS 5.0.1 update

Since we mentioned the codesigning bug disclosed by Charlie Miller (as discussed here a few days ago), I should also point out that it was fixed a couple of days later in the iOS update described here. Miller is slated to speak about the bug at SysCan in Taiwan (on 17th-18th November): I haven’t seen an agenda.

It also addresses:

  • an issue with CFNetwork handling of maliciously crafted URLs
  • memory corruption issues with Freetype that could have enabled arbitrary code execution
  • an issue with certificates issued by DigiCert Malaysia
  • an issue with libinfo’s handling of DNS lookups
  • an iPad password lock issue

Apparently it also fixes the annoying battery drain issue.

Small Blue-Green World/AVIEN/Mac Virus


  1. I’m not sure I am asking a question about this specific issue: However, I could use some help: I have an old MAC OSX Tiger: On start-up, there is a round picture of the globe; on closer examination it is a “picture” of 2 faces (mimics the apple). After awhile, the apple comes up.

    About 4 days ago, i could no longer get into my gmail account…unfortunately, I gave them my phone number & they called me back with a code I entered to recover my password; restting the password hasn’t helped. Additionally, I can’t get into my keychain to get my passwords. I couldn’t download Sopho’s because they asked for my password, & though I changed that too, it doesn’t work. What’s up, do you think?

    • Cecily, I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem is with your Mac: I’ve never come across the graphic effect you describe, and I can’t tell you what the issue is with your keychain, or even whether that’s something to do with your gmail problem. I assume that you were unable to install Sophos because of an issue with your administrator password, but I can’t tell you what’s going on. I’m afraid I’m going to have to suggest that you contact someone who’s more of a support specialist, especially if there’s someone local to you.

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