Posted by: David Harley | November 12, 2011

Having trouble with Windows on your Mac?

Posted to chainmailcheck: some commentary on the snippet of conversation Rory Cellan-Jones enjoyed with a cold-call support scammer recently, as recapped on the BBC’s Today.

The main justification for citing it here is that Cellan-Jones kept the scammer busy for some time before telling him that he was actually using a Mac. In fact, I’ve heard it suggested that some of these scammers have scripts for Mac users too, but I’ve never seen transcriptions of such a script.

If you’re interested in this type of scam, I’ve just kicked off a support scam information/resources page at AVIEN: PC Support Scam Resources.

Small Blue-Green World/AVIEN



  1. Hi,
    I just purchased the desktop iMAC Lion: it has “pages” which is supposed to convert easily to a WORD document, although my niece says, “NO! Pagers to WORD is a hassle!! I had to put Microsoft WORD on my Mac laptop.” I need your opinion on this ASAP…please email me right away, as I plan to do this on Monday….is there danger in this?

    • Responded by email as you requested. However, I need to point out that this isn’t a general support site, and while I’ll always help if I reasonably can, I can’t guarantee to respond quickly to any individual question, as this isn’t actually my job. (If it was, I’d blog here a lot more often…)

      • thanks; sorry! Where should I go to get advice on this?
        My MACOSXTiger laptop is down for the count due to virus/malware (sp) & I guess I just want to prevent any more trouble ahead.
        I apologize for the inconvenience.

      • No apology necessary. I’m just sorry I can’t be of more help. Your best bet is probably to find someone local who knows Macs, even if it is a malware problem (most mac virus problems turn out to be something else). If you want to keep trying on the web, you could try There are some suggestions on getting help here, too:

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