Posted by: David Harley | September 28, 2011

Hakin9 the Mac

I was recently invited to contribute an article to Hakin9’s “Hack Apple” edition, just made available and, from a quick skim , pretty interesting (and not the Hackerfest you might assume from the title). The deadline was a little too tight for me to contribute a technical article, but the magazine kindly gave me the opportunity to share my prejudices on a number of topics from AMTSO and testing, to Apple security and this site, in an interview format. In fact, the sort of free-ranging discussion I tend to enjoy most in my dealings with the media, and this was no exception.

One thing I should maybe make clear to anyone who subscribes to the magazine: where the editors remark that the interview “wasn’t censored by any company David works for”, that’s perfectly true. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a press interview that was censored. Admittedly I tend to avoid the ones where a zillion PR people ride shotgun…

Of course, I don’t often get the chance to “vet” articles by other people that quote me, though a few journalists in the more academic journals are actually scrupulous about that. Furthermore, my own articles, papers, book chapters and so on are usually reviewed and edited, and I don’t always get the chance to approve the finished article. This also applies to one or two of the blog articles I contribute, and in fact I stopped contributing (unpaid) articles to one site when I realized it was removing any references to my writing outside that site, which garbled some of my glorious prose even more than it is normally. 😉

However, I don’t have censorship issues with any company to whom I supply content under contract on a “work for hire” basis. When there are topics on which there might be a conflict of interest in a particular publishing context, I simply don’t comment on those topics on behalf of the companies concerned. And yes, I do go out of my way to maintain my independence as regards commentary on Apple security issues: my opinions there are my own, and should not be attributed to any company with which I’m affiliated. Except, of course, my own. 🙂

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