Posted by: David Harley | September 28, 2011

Flashdance, Apple F-Security, and Kelihos

I mentioned yesterday that another article of mine was due to appear on Infosecurity Magazine’s blog: that article Apple Raises the “Anti” for Revir, but Intego gets Flashbacks is now available. Actually, it has been for quite a while, but I try to keep to UK working hours. ūüôā

In other news, I recently noted a nice article by F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen on “Are Apple products really more secure?”: his thoughts on the iPhone are particularly interesting. While Apple can’t really¬†be held responsible for any cyber-ills that befall iGadget users who ignore the company’s forceful advice not to jailbreak, it’s alarming that (according to a study Hypponen cites) 7% of iPhone users have ignored that advice.

One or two of the comments the article has attracted are both interesting and insightful, despite some of the usual “it doesn’t count if it’s a Trojan” and “Windoze v. Mac” guff. I’d have to agree that some of OS X’s security is highly reliant on the consumer using it “as Apple intended”, though I don’t think that’s the same as saying that the OS is intrinsically safer.

Well done¬†F-Secure, by the way, for managing to get in ahead of Intego on the Revir/Imuler story.¬†Intego’s expertise in the specialist field of¬†Mac security means it’s hard for other companies to get a look-in. But then, F-Secure¬†were keeping a close eye on the field even before they re-activated their Mac product, and produce good commentary on the topic on occasion.

And well done Microsoft for deflating the Kelihos botnet, purveyor of the MacDefender family of Mac malware/fake AV (among many other highly antisocial activities)¬†.¬†There’s a good¬†article by Ryan Naraine on the topic here.

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