Posted by: David Harley | May 31, 2011

(Mac)Defender of the Face(book)…


The latest twist, and more than a little twisted, flagged by Graham Cluley for Sophos:

IMF boss rape video? Mac Facebook users hit by a sick scareware attack



  1. Mac people make me laugh. The FBI, CIA, and pentagon were all hacked. What do they run? They run Linux servers as well as windows. For anyone to just say there are no viruses or Mac is tightly locked down is kidding no one but themselves. If I was a teenager and did not work for a living. I would write one just to prove a point. Never say never. Besides, if you are so much brighter, then why use a Mac? They are double the cost and have half the software and have to run on their hardware or break the license to run a hackintosh. But I don’t see mac users in really technical positions either. They support macs and that is it. I true systems analyst supports everything. I have ran windows since 3.1 and have never been hacked. So to claim Windows is unsecure is a lie. A computer is only as smart as the programmers and people using them. The people that get viruses, either don’t have A/V or don’t update it. As well as having a secure firewall. But to put in perspective. I had a “MacGenius” come out while I tested their server and I got farther then he did(after Apple claimed I needed training) Apple is an amateur OS and so is the server hardware in my testing anyway. The only advantage is startup. Build your computer right, and it will blow away the Mac. Since they are not big on things like RAID(unless you want software RAID, but what is the point?) It claimed to interface with Windows and LDAP, but once LDAP was enabled, it broke the OS security and many utilities.

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