Posted by: David Harley | May 27, 2011

Amazon App-enstance

Rik Myslewski writes for The Register about Amazon’s alternative to the Apps Store: Amazon opens online Macware store: ‘Come, ye Apple refugees, and find refuge herein’.

Lots of interesting reading, but perhaps the thought that will occur to most readers of this blog is one that occurred to Myslewski, too:

… one thing is likely: you’ll find apps on it that would never pass the Jobsian hurdles blocking acceptance into the Mac App Store …. If you’d prefer the safety and security of curated apps, then the Mac App Store is hunky-dory…

The problem is, as the article makes clear, that while the security vetting of apps in the App Store is reassuring, it’s clearly not the only hurdle a developer has to clear. It’s possible that while Amazon’s Mac Download Store will make life easier for legitimate developers, it will leave more loopholes for scammers and malcoders.

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