Posted by: David Harley | April 12, 2011

iPhone Trojan: Really?

Gadgetsteria has reported hearing rumours of a virus (though it sounds like a destructive Trojan, not replicative malware) that offers free unlocking to iPhone users, but in reality wipes data from the iPhone and SIM card. Initial reaction in the AV industry (possibly influenced by the web site’s chainletter-ish suggestion of sharing the information with friends) is that it sounds somewhat hoax-like, but I’m casting around for further information.

In the meantime, it may nonetheless be worth being cautious about links that appear to offer free unlocking anyway. (Well, you should be cautious about clicking anything, especially if it’s free!) And if you come across something of that ilk, I and several other people in my field would be very interested if not thrilled to hear more about it. Comment here or mail macvirus at smallblue-greenworld dot co dot uk.

Hat tip to Mikko Hypponen, who tweeted the article link.

Small Blue-Green World

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