Posted by: David Harley | January 20, 2011

Boonana Boot Song*

I wasn’t expecting to hear much further about Boonana, to be honest, though I did think it was a significant indicator of Things To Come. But it’s interesting to see in an article for the Register by Dan Goodin that according to a Symantec report, Boonana infections are into the thousands, of which 16% are Mac infections. It’s less surprising to note that they’ve observed no Linux infections: while there’s no reason that a similar attack shouldn’t work on Linux, it would require extra code to run reliably, as Jerome Segura has previously reported.

By the way, having mentioned a pretty negative review of SecureMac’s MacScan earlier, it’s only fair to mention that SecureMac put up some interesting and useful research material on Boonana, as I reported at and elsewhere.


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