Posted by: David Harley | December 14, 2010

Dear cowardly pseudonym…

“You wouldn’t like it baby, no you wouldn’t like it here.
There’s not much entertainment, and the critics are severe.”

(Leonard Cohen, Waiting for the Miracle)

…I’m sorry you don’t find the content of this blog useful. However, since it gets a substantial quantity of regular readers who presumably do, I am not going to cut my throat just yet.

For your information, this is the “official” Mac Virus blog site because I inherited the Mac Virus web site from someone who no longer had time to update it, and this was the best way I could continue to maintain it despite a crippling workload. It is not “official” in the sense of any sort of sponsorship from Apple (yes, I can just see that happening!), the security industry (and certainly not the security company that provides most of my current income), or anyone else. Apart from me: it does cost me money as well as time, though more time than money…  

Since I never undertook to provide a free and continuously updated guide to Mac security products, I’m not going to apologise for not doing so. I have neither the time nor the resources to do that properly right now, or in the foreseeable future. However, I have added links to some security products to the resources page. For reasons that are explained there, I have no intention of using this site as a source of comparative reviews. It would be inappropriate for me to review products that compete with products from which some of my own income is derived. If product reviews do make an appearance on these pages, it will be because they’re contributed by someone I can trust to review fairly, impartially, and competently.

I’m happy to hear from anyone who has interesting and/or useful ideas that could add value to this site, though whether I act on them is going to depend on available resources.

I’m not happy to get loutish, vulgar abuse. I don’t take that from people who are contributing to my income: I certainly won’t take it from someone who isn’t contributing anything to the quality of my life. If you want to get a comment approved on this site, keep it polite.



  1. Hmm… I’m always polite when ever I open my mouth David 🙂

    Though, what I really wanted to say is that the “Avast! For Mac” Hyperlink at the resource page
    goes to the Eset CyberSecurity website, and Not to Avast!.


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