Posted by: oldmacbloggit | November 22, 2010

Mac malware: the view from Sophos

Having had more than 150,000 copies of its free software downloaded, Sophos has acquired a lot of data quite fast about what malware is out there. As I’m not familiar with the details of their telemetry, I don’t know exactly what they’re measuring in terms of detection/infection, but they published (in case you missed it) a top twenty based on 50,000 or so reports from their new users.

As you may or may not expect, there’s a mixture of Windows, cross-platform and OS X malware in there. In fact, most of it seems to be some form of Java malware, and while we’re now seeing OS X-aware  malware, Java trojans assume a Windows and/or Linux target, so the sky is not falling. Nonetheless, it looks like a significant amount of Jahlav and DNSchanger being detected, too.

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