Posted by: David Harley | November 4, 2010

A Bunch of Boonanas

SecureMac has published a further update concerning what it calls trojan.osx.boonana.b. While the bulletin cites my blog at ESET (thanks, guys: vendors aren’t always so ready to give credit to other vendors – which I think is a pity, even though I understand the marketing rationale – and I appreciate it), you probably shouldn’t assume that it’s exactly the same sample as our  Boonana.B: unfortunately, it’s not always possible to match detection names between vendors that accurately, especially in the context of malware with multiple components.

Mac User has also picked up the story here but has slightly confused the issue: I didn’t actually refer to any of the web sites associated with the malware in the ESET blog, and am not about to. It also seems confused about who “discovered” the .B variant: I’m not going to get into that argument at all, because I don’t know if we’re referring to the same samples (obviously, we have more than one…)

Talking of ESET, I see that we’re now officially competing in the Mac anti-malware marketplace:,2817,2372079,00.asp. 🙂



  1. You wait ages for a new Mac anti-virus product, and then three come along at once!

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