Posted by: oldmacbloggit | October 17, 2010

Apple for the Teacher?

I’m a few days behind the curve with this one, but I’ve been taking a break with no Internet access.

While security gurus are not always enthusiastic about Apple’s strangely blinkered view of the Mac/malware issue, Sophos’s Graham Cluley compared the Apple “walled garden” approach to iPhone app verification to the free-for-all that is Facebook, and came to the entirely reasonable conclusion that Apple’s vetting of applications makes IoS a far safer environment than Facebook.

It’s true, nearly all the real-world attacks on iPhones have relied on jailbreaking, though there have been enough Proofs of Concept to suggest that, as with OS X, the 100% security rule (“there is no 100% security”) should be borne in mind.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the Sophos poll included in the Dark Reading article, asking whether readers think that there should be restrictions/verification applied to Facebook apps. It would be even more interesting to know how it correlates to the views of those who advocate iPhone jailbreaking (or at least a more relaxed approach to whitelisting on Apple’s part), but that might be harder to establish.

On a not dissimilar note, David Harley brought to my attention an interesting CNET article by Elinor Mills, in which she quoted ESET’s Darin Andersen at some length. While most of the article is concerned with a community project called Securing Our eCity in which the company is a partner, it touches on ESET’s dialogue with Apple about the new ESET Mac security product. Andersen’s commonsense observation that “”Most bad guys target technical attacks against PCs, but behavioral attacks target both platforms” seems to have resonated with Apple, which makes me feel uncharacteristically optimistic.


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