Posted by: oldmacbloggit | September 17, 2010

ESET security product

David H.  is obviously too shy or too ethically anal to mention this himself, so I will, though I haven’t tried the release product myself.

ESET’s headquarters in Bratislava has announced the official launch of the ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition for Mac.

Apparently an ESET security product for home users is also on the way, called “ESET Cybersecurity for Mac.”

Press release at

They also have a “Threat Center” app for iPhone that provides channels info from their malware telemetry, blogs and so forth, but I haven’t looked at it personally.

Old Mac


  1. Interesting. Pity the iPhone app only runs in the hobbled wee-screen-only mode on my iPad.

    When the Kaspersky Threatpost app came out I downloaded to my iPad. It too only runs in the iPhone emulation mode and, as a result, is virtually unusable. After trying it a couple of times, it has remained unlaunched since then.

    It will be good if the ESET development team can get their app ‘upgraded’. It doesn’t necessarily need new bells and whistles – just make it work comfortably with the iPad please?

    • @Gary I believe that will be addressed in the next version. I don’t know when that will happen, though.

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