Posted by: David Harley | August 25, 2010


Graham Cluley has posted a blog about the probably non-existent hack of iTunes that Old Mac referenced yesterday. Basically, he takes the view that while exactly what’s been happening is unclear, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using sound passwords (hard to argue with that!), and includes a link to a video on how to choose strong passwords. On that topic, Randy Abrams and I put together a paper on good passwording, available on the ESET white papers page.

Meanwhile, The H has an article summarizing the latest Leopard/Snow Leopard updates. Kelly Fiveash has also picked that up for The Register, though that story doesn’t add much to Heise’s except to point out that according to Apple, at least 6 of the issues addressed could lead to the execution of malicious code.

And while it’s not exactly mainstream security fare, you might find A View Into How Apple Develops APIs interesting, if the minutiae of development interest you.

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