Posted by: David Harley | June 11, 2010

ProteMac revisited

So, back to ProteMac. Not to be confused with ProtectMac, by the way, which is a better known legitimate Mac security company. If the similarity in name is deliberate, it’s an unfortunate choice of branding strategy, because certain fake security products try to pass off scareware as a known, reputable product, and I very much doubt if Protemac really wants its product to be mistaken for rogue AV.

I haven’t had a chance so far to look at it myself, but since my previous post, I’ve talked to some people who’ve had some experience of the company, while one of my colleagues has taken a brief look at the product.

 Despite the unfortunate name, it looks as though the company is genuine, though the product is not an anti-virus scanner as such: rather a combination of a firewall and traffic monitor, though from what I’ve heard so far it has a somewhat laissez-faire filtering philosophy.

If it’s in a position to so, I’d strongly recommend the company to dissuade the person with the jkatrin007 handle from promoting its product with comment spam. It isn’t doing it any favours.

Thanks to Jan and Methusela for their input.

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